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  These rooms are for student groups and there are two types of rooms one with 10 people capacity and other with 20 people capacity, the right rooms will be assigned for comfortable stay
Location Sharing wing 2nd~4th Floor
10 People Capacity: 2nd Floor (15 rooms), 3rd Floor (15 rooms), 4th Floor (17 rooms)
20 People Capacity: 2nd Floor (1 room), 3rd Floor (1 room)
Area - 10 People Capacity: 31렊, Each room has its own bath room
- 20 People Capacity: 62렊 Including bath room
Management Method - School Group: March ~ June and September ~ November are highly demanded season.
- Weekend, Summer and Winter : Families, youth organizations and universities use the facilities.
- 20 people capacity rooms can be also used as a meeting room.
Installed Equipments Large lockers, Closet, Beddings, Hangers, Clock, Cleaning set, Mirror, Curtain and etc.
 The people who used the room should manage the room in clean condition and should fold blankets and sleeping pads.

 For the next guest clean the room regularly, and wash blankets and sleeping pad at least once or twice a week.

 For washing blankets and sleeping pads it should be coordinated with the Laundromat.