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It is a place for youth to play sports and develop team spirit while enjoying group activities.

Location Harmony wing 1st Floor

-         Hall of Gymnasium1,449렊

Total area of Gymnasium 2,052렊
Program Indoor exercise programs, group activities, various performances and etc
Sound Equipments Installed Sound Equipments, and lights
Capacity More than 2000 people
Opening Hours For programs, and other selected events
Installed Equipments Electronic Seats that could be pushed in and out (300 seats), 2nd floor seats (200 seats), VIP Seats, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Electronically controlled screen, Beam Projector, Electronic clock and etc

 It is also open after lunch, dinner, and other free time.

 Get electronic basketball hoop that has wheels on the bottom for mobility and to protect the floor of the gymnasium. 

 Check the safety of equipments and locks regularly and thoroughly.