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  Place where families can come on weekends to share there love, enjoy the family gathering and have comfortable stay

- Sharing Wing 2nd~4th floor
 - Family Room: 2nd Floor (16 rooms)- Hot-floored Room
- Leaders Room: 3rd Floor (20 rooms)- Bed/ Hot-floored Room

- Vip Room: 4th Fllor (20 rooms)- Bed/ Hot-floored Room

Area 25.9 렊, including bathroom, excluding terrace
Capacity - Family Room: 4~6 People
- Leaders Room: 4 People
- Vip Room: 2 People
Using the Room - Family Camp and Weekend by family
- By Adult Group
- For VIPs during International Events

Installed Equipments

Built-in cabinet, Stationary Case, Shoe chest, Refrigerator, Cleaning set, Standing hanger, Bed and etc
 Clean the room after it has been used.

 For the next guest clean the room regularly, and wash blankets and sleeping pad at least once or twice a week.

 For washing blankets and sleeping pads it should be coordinated with the Laundromat.

 The manger checks the equipments regularly to keep it at best condition.