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  The goal of Hope school education
   Hope school Cheongshim Kindergarten practices education for whole human, international education, professional education based on the education program of Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development and Froebel, Dewey, Montessori, Piaget, Vygotsky's education theories. Through this we can raise the potential creativity of the child, and form matured character. Our goal is to raise world citizens that will be the leader of the globalizing world.
  Education for whole human
   Through character education program basic manners, habits, propriety, nature, art, music and physical education are taught to balance the child's development of personality, recognition, and physical growth.
  International Education
   By learning the culture of Korea correctly and loving the traditional culture they grow dignity of their own culture and upon this foundation we educate the children to become the leaders of the future through international education.
  Education for Creativity
   For children to become the leaders of a globalized world and for them to be ready for the information-oriented society, we educate their sensibility and creativity to maximize their growth potential with professional education. 000000000000